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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Creativity is inspiration- a forward-propelling, life-giving energy. It comes through from the Divine Consciousness, a function from the source, from higher levels. YOU HAVE TO EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY. When you dont, you can get stuck in anger and become lethargic. When you block that energy, it stagnates and can become disease or depression.

It has been said that one aspect of hell is a place filled with people who haven't expressed their creativity or their dharma. If you haven't fulfilled your life's purpose, you will experience the state of consciousness of failure, which is far removed from the heavenly experience that life on this beautiful planet can be. SO CREATE YOU MUST.

When you focus on your creativity, you direct pure life force energy into your inner and outer universe. This has the power to heal your body of disease, purify your mind and elevate your consciousness.

Creativity is a God-given gift that helps us to stay connected to our Divine guidance and our own inner self. Yet it doesn't matter what you do! All that matters is that you listen to your inner knowing and follow your inner guidance.

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