Monday, October 20, 2008

I LOVE... (part 2)


beards, men who burp, cold food, chic nerds, sweaty balls, driving on freeway with all the windows down, listening to Xmas songs in the summer, living fast, showers at the gym, boys with dirty shoes, chubby men, not showering, sugar, doing dishes, eating cheese wrapped in seaweed paper, throwing out the trash daily, cocky "guidos" with designer cologne, humble confidence, fashion podcasts, Kanye West, my iPhone, Diplo, music videos, double-sided tape & the smell of it, bad ID pictures, organic ketchup, the smell of cigarettes (even though i don't smoke),  men who walk their dogs in their business suits. I love farts, department store bathroom sex, Saturday morning dumps, sharpies, a guy that doesn't shower on Sundays, pulp in my orange juice, power bars, straight porn, homosexuals, mixing cereal, burping, dirty butt, chilaquiles at 2am, hot showers, unwinding in the dark, vegging in the nude, having boys sleep over.

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