Saturday, November 1, 2008


Swedish designer Karolina Kling established her clothing brand KLING by KLING in 2006. Since her first collection, entitled Ice Scream, Kling has created VIRUS, The Land of Dreams and her latest collection - sparKLING nights for spring/summer 2009.

Karolina Kling comes from a graphic design background and this is apparent in her clothes, which utilise bold prints and patterns.

On closer inspection you discover there are many different layers to the garments and as the designer herself describes: "KLING is a world of dreams and the clothes are there for you to immerse yourself in fantasies."

KLING has also collaborated with brands such as H&M, Nudie Jeans and Cheap Monday's sister company Monki, among others.

European stockists include:

London: No-one and Oki-Ni 
Gothenburg: Scout
Copenhagen: Cookie Factory
Helsinki: Wunder 
Barcelona: Doshaburi
Madrid: Ugly Shop

KLING by KLING is also sold in many other shops within Asia, the US and Canada.


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