Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vogue Hommes Japan


Vogue Hommes Japan

Bringing together the most sought-after fashion talents from East and West, volume one combines a uniquely polished, Japanese editorial aesthetic with the signature design styles of European editors and contributors that include Nicola Formichetti, Hedi Slimane and Kim Jones. 

Can you describe your aims for the direction of the magazine?

"One important factor in Japan is that the menswear magazines here are very straight compared with the more gay-oriented titles in Europe. 90% of the readership here is heterosexual. We love Japanese men's magazines like Men's Non-No and Huge, but the guys who make them are straight and the casting and styling feels very macho.

"For Vogue Hommes Japan we wanted to use a more international editorial feel. We didn't want it to be just another catalogue. Other magazines focus so heavily on studying the clothes. We wanted to be more about the fashion. When I was just a teenager I loved iD and Dazed & Confused but they were really expensive. I always thought that they were more inspirational than the Japanese magazines.The art direction was more exciting."

What exciting things are happening in Tokyo fashion right now?

"Each area has its own tribes and trends. Harajuku is colourful and fashionable. Shibuya is more trashy and tacky but cool. But they are all inspirational in their own way. London trends always filter through to Harajuku but it takes a couple of years. Like neon colours for example, that is a real trend here now but was part of the nu rave movement in London two years ago."

(interview snippets taken from WGSN interview with fashion editor Shun Watanabe of Vogue Hommes Japan)

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